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72% Moon - 2018-11-17

Tired of the vaguaries of the Barclay Equatorial mount and it being seemingly impossible to capture a Moon mosaic without missing some bits, I adopted a new strategy for data capture. This time I attached my Canon EOS 1Dx to the large Thomas Cooke 10" refractor and was able to capture the 72% waxing gibbous Moon in just two panes. They have stitched together perfectly and effortlessly. What a relief! The other major benefit of this technique is that it requires far less time to capture the full data set. I will certainly be reusing this technique for all future attempts.

One thing to notice as a result of using the DSLR is that the image is in colour. The Moon is generally considered to be black and white, but there are subtle colour differences too. I will be looking to explore this aspect of the Moon's surface in more detail in the future.



Thomas Cooke 10" Refractor
Canon EOS 1Dx
2 panes of 100 RAW frames each


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