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96% Moon - 2018-10-22

I had another go at a Moon Mosaic. My plan is to create a sequence of Moon phase images from crescent, through quarter, to full and out to quarter and crescent. It is proving to be quite tricky to make a Moon Mosaic with the old Barclay Equatorial mount, which has more quirks to it than a very quirky thing. The backlash in the mount is horrendous and I am struggling to gather a full mosaic without a few nibbles taken from the edge of the lunar disk. This attempt was no different and there were two incomplete sections. This image was just a practice given that the phase is only 96%, so I put my PhotoShop skills to the test to patch up the two missing chunks. Can you spot where they are?!

The other problem encountered with this image was the seeing - it started off perfectly, but by the end there was significant haze around the Moon. This is clearly visible in the difference in clarity between the top half, where I started in good seeing, and the bottom half where the seeing deteriorated. This is all good experience though and I am confident that when phase, conditions and my technique combine successfully, the resultant image will be incredibly detailed and very high resolution. One day...!



Thomas Cooke 10" Refractor
Point Grey Chameleon 3
95 panes of 20% of 500 frames each


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