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Lunar Eclipse Time Lapse - 2015-09-28

Here is a time lapse of the total lunar eclipse of September 2015. It consists of 1,158 frames which compresses just over 4 hours into 38 seconds. It was the first time I have ever tried to image a lunar eclipse and I made plenty of mistakes. I was very keen to see the 'Blood Moon' and pushed the exposure up perhaps a little too soon. It took careful monitoring of the imaging session and regular adjustments of exposure to cope with the huge difference in brightness between the full Moon and the eclipsed Moon. The shortest exposures were 1/640s at ISO 200, while the longest were 5s at ISO 1600.

Unfortunately, I failed to plan for success. The Moon fades to black at the end of the sequence as it was eclipsed by my neighbour's hedge!



Celestron EdgeHD 800 & 0.7x Reducer
Canon EOS 1Dx
Various exposures


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