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In The Marlborough Night Garden - Volume Two

Volume Two is the latest installment of the ongoing In The Marlborough Night Garden project. The back of the book reads:

"The back garden of a regular house in River Park, Marlborough, England is home to the River Park Observatory. On every clear night, it is the scene of intense astronomical activity as the imaging set-up in the observatory is busy hoovering up photons to create another beautiful photograph of the night sky.

In the Marlborough Night Garden - Volume 2 shows the results of the activity between July 2016 and June 2019, with over 500 hours of data in 30 colour photographs of deep sky objects as seen from a latitude of 51° North. The accompanying text brings to life the full beauty of these cosmic targets."

In The Marlborough Night Garden - Volume Two is priced at £20, plus £4.99 for postage and packing. To order your copy of the book, please send an email with your details to:


In The Marlborough Night Garden - Volume One

During January 2016, I held an exhibition of seventeen large framed astrophotographs in The Mount House Gallery at Marlborough College, entitled 'In The Marlborough Night Garden'. I worked with Jonathan Genton of Marlborough College to put the exhibition together. It was very well received and we took the exhibition on to three other schools during 2016; Pate's Grammar School in Cheltenham, Dame Alice Owen's School in Potters Bar and Wycombe Abbey School in High Wycombe.

One question that arose regularly was whether the images were for sale and if there was a book of the images available to purchase? The images are indeed for sale and you can see full details about that further down this page. At the time of the exhibition there was no book, however, Jonathan and I quickly set about self-publishing 'In The Marlborough Night Garden - Volume One'. A hardback book of twenty one images, including the seventeen images of the exhibition, plus four further images that I had completed after the end of the exhibition. It is printed on high quality heavy photographic style paper as image reproduction was the most important factor for me. Each image is accompanied by an explanation of the target photographed and the full details of the target, similar to the information presented with the Deep Sky objects in this website. There are several further sections at the end of the book; The 'Marlborough' Galaxy, A Brief Guide To Astrophotography, Measuring Distance and A Glossary Of Terms.

In The Marlborough Night Garden - Volume One is priced at £30, plus £4.99 for postage and packing. To order your copy of the book, please send an email with your details to:



All the images you see on this website are available to purchase. Please contact me by email at: to discuss your exact requirements. As far as sizes and prices are concerned, I can print at any size, bespoke to your needs. The largest I have printed so far is 40"x30" (roughly A0) and the result was spectacular!

Here are some 'standard' sizes with prices:
A4 = £65
A3 = £110
A2 = £200
A1 = £350
A0 = £500



It is possible to purchase any of the pictures you see on this website printed and mounted in a bespoke frame. I always use special art glass, which is non-reflective. This is essential given the content of the images and their inherent darkness. The maximum size I have done so far is a 40"x30" print with a 5" border and large wooden frame. The result was very impressive. That particular frame is resident in the boardroom at the offices of Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors in Old Town, Swindon. Please contact me to talk through your own requirements at:

Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors in Swindon are always keen to entertain their clients and hold regular events with speakers on subjects about anything but law! I was invited to present 'A Cosmic Adventure' with my colleague Jonathan Genton. Following the talk, the partners at Clark Holt asked if a selection of the images could be framed to be hung in their boardroom and meeting rooms. I produced four frames for them, the largest being a 40"x30" print of the Horsehead and Flame Nebulae. The prints have a luxurious triple mount, black wooden moulding and an accompanying information panel about the object photographed. The images certainly fulfil their brief of providing a talking point when clients are welcomed to a meeting. If you would like to enhance your office walls with glimpses of the universe, please get in touch (

If you go into The Food Gallery at the western end of Marlborough High Street, you will find towards the back of the coffee shop a selection of four of my astrophotographs. These neatly illustrate one style of framing that I have successfully employed. The print is 12" x 9" and is mounted with a triple border, including a smart dark grey thin line. The overall frame size is approximately 19" x 17". The price for a frame like this is £200. All other sizes are available on request.

I have another mini exhibition of my astrophotographs on display in The Physics Department at Marlborough College. The department purchased five images. They are all framed with a single black mount and a high gloss black frame moulding. This is the style that I used for the exhibition 'In The Marlborough Night Garden'. There are three 'standard' sizes that I have made to date:
SMALL: Print size = 21" x 15.5". Overall frame size = 28" x 21". Price = £450
MEDIUM: Print size = 31" x 23". Overall frame size = 37" x 29". Price = £550
LARGE: Print size = 40" x 30". Overall frame size = 46" x 36". Price = £750
All other sizes are available on request.

Please Note: All prices quoted include VAT, but are exclusive of delivery. Please contact me at to discuss your own specific requirements.


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