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All Sky Camera Interesting Archive

Here is a selection of interesting photos and videos captured by the RPO all sky camera.


28-11-2019 - Starlink Satellite Train - Look from around 5am and you can make out Elon Musk's latest launch of sixty Starlink satellites crossing the sky from West to East. I am not impressed with his idea, will it ruin the night sky for astronomers?


13-08-2019 - Perseid Meteor


24-07-2019 - Lightning Bolt


23-07-2019 - Wow, that's some storm...!


03-07-2019 - The Milky Way soars overhead on a clear summer's night


20-06-2019 - A cheeky visitor!


01-04-2019 - A good clear Spring night sky for Galaxy Season


04-02-2019 - An avian visitor!


30-01-2019 - A clear, dark, winter's night - a bit hazy, but good enough to image


04-01-2019 - A bright Quadrantid meteor


31-12-2018 - New Year's Eve 2018 / 2019 - look at around midnight!


03-12-2018 - Fireball behind tree


30-08-2018 - Amazing cloud formations dance across the sky


04-01-2018 - Video, now with text overlay


03-01-2018 - The first video with the allskeye software


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